New Threads for Thad

Lots happened in the last few days. I'll wrap it up quickly.

The male player is more hipster-y.
All of the male sprites have new art.
The slide attack now has an animation.
There is now a block for stopping punches.
There's a block animation.
Did some tweaks to sprite depth when being knocked down. (There are still going to be some weird anomalies)
The hipster look is on the title screen art as well.

I still have to do female sounds and female sprites before it's ready to show. Worst case scenario, I'll pop in some random background track for the fight music. It's kind of freaky how close it is to when I have to show this game. I feel like I only have a day left since I have vacation next week, but realistically I have another week when I get back to finish up. I feel like the aforementioned work can be done in about 16 hours.

I'm off to go pack up clothes and whatnot! Woo hoo! 

Until next time.


Time Spent Since Last Post: 16ish hours?