The Slide is Electric

Today, I decided to add a slide attack to Suburban Scavengers. I managed to have the basics done by 10:00 this morning! What?! And it only had 1 bug (that I currently know about and have since fixed). I decided to create a "Slide Bar" to show when the slide becomes available. It seems like it could be a super powerful attack since it makes you move faster and it has the chance of knocking the opposing player down. I currently have it set to only be available once every 3 seconds. That may still be a bit too frequent. Only playtests will let us know!

I had the consideration today, to change the invincibility frames that I currently have set after player recovery. There's no visual cue to let you know when it's over and I think that may lead to confusion. I could see where it would seem like the game is broken when you clearly hit a player but it does nothing. I'm thinking I need to either make the invincible player change to a different color shade when invincible or decrease the invincibility to a low enough time that allows you to hold block when you're getting up and have it block as it should. This would allow for faster paced combat (I could decrease the current punch interval timer). The only issue I see is that this would nerf the elbow drop substantially if it were blockable. I'll have to figure something out. 

I'm only a few days away from my vacation! I'm super excited about it, but also don't want to be away from game dev for an entire week. I'm afraid that I'll fall out of the groove. I'll probably do a little bit of dev related work while I'm up north. If nothing else, some tutorial videos to keep me fresh. I've taken vacations while on exercise plans and came home to not being on an exercise plan before. :P

Hopefully, I'll have another game update before Friday so I can have an acceptable amount of content for my newsletter. I don't want to let my Patreon backers down!

Tomorrow will probably be slide animations and heavy brainstorming on Orlando iX booth ideas. How am I going to market myself? How can I get followers on Facebook, Twitter, Doom Ninja Podcast,, Patreon?! I need to figure out some clever ways to get people interested in what I'm doing. I don't know if Suburban Scavengers will be good enough on its own.

Lots of thinking to be done before I invest any money into marketing strategies.

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: 6 hours