Teach Me How To Thad-E

I didn't make a post about yesterday's work but with yesterday and today's progress, I had to make a post!

Yesterday I added some camera effects as well as victory music to Suburban Scavengers. I really like the way the things turned out yesterday. I also fixed all but 1 bug on my bug list. The bug list was also much shorter than the previous ones. Maybe I'm getting close to having a playable game?!

Here's a video of the victory music. 

Today I decided to figure out some sort of tutorial mechanism for Suburban Scavengers. The option that I went with was to create an actual tutorial video that I will loop on my laptop next to the main game. It's much quicker than making a room that steps you through the different tutorial mechanics. I'll likely have that in the finished version, but this one needs to stay simple since I only have 2 weeks of actual working time to mess with it.

Here's the video for the tutorial.

That old beat that's going over the footage cracks me up. It's using some old Bart Simpson vs. The Space Mutants sound effects. I must have made that beat 10 years ago. Too funny.

I also found a revision of a song that I forgot I even made. I decided to make a video for it. I'll post it soon. It's dumb and not game related but I felt like it needed to be done. I planned on making a similar video a few years ago and never did it. Now is the time for doing!

I'm looking forward to playing some Pokemon Go with my lady and having a fun and relaxing weekend. 

Until next time.


Time Spent Since Last Post: 15 hours?