Heavyweight Title

I'm going to call this a bonus post since I usually do 2 per week but I've worked so much on game stuff I feel like I need to make an extra post.

Quick breakdown. Re-did character portrait for title screen. It's now a higher detail sort of painted look and includes the new background art, a new logo, and a new menu with animations and transitions. My original idea had to be scrapped due to space constraints, but the new idea works out pretty well. I think it looks decent.

I went to 2 interviews this week. One went well, the other not as much. It wasn't really bad, but it's not a position that I'm getting. I have 2 more interviews scheduled for Monday. One of them is one of the preferred positions from the beginning of my job hunt. Fingers crossed on that one. I would have a good amount of time to work on game stuff and would be making enough money to survive.

Busy Busy.

I'm going to keep this short because I want to do fun weekend stuff! Sound will likely be the next in line....that is, if I don't end up fixing the character sprites first. :P It seems like I sit down with the intention to do sound and I end up doing visual art stuff.

Until next time.


Time spent since last post ~ 18 hours