Busy Day

Today was quite eventful. 

The day started off with the edits of the new episode of Doom Ninja Podcast then with an interview invitation and 2 phone calls about jobs. Unfortunately, the 2 calls weren't legit, but I did have an interview today which went well.

After returning from the interview,  I spoke with a friend about possible future collaboration on a game idea which was pretty cool. The idea definitely sound like something that would be super fun to play and make. It made me want to really crunch on Suburban Scavengers so I could have time to work on the new idea. One thing at a time.

I ended up receiving another invitation to a job interview on Friday. I already have an interview set up for tomorrow as well as a follow up with the interviewer that I met with today. Jobs galore!

I did a bit of work on Suburban Scavengers today. The idea was to work on sound, and I did make a sound for the couch being drug but ended up getting off on a tangent and fully implemented the back end that's needed to have character select! Whaaaat?! Aw yeah. I was dreading it a bit, but once I got started it didn't end up taking as long as I expected. That means all I have to do is make new character pieces for my Spriter rig, export the 15 or so animations from Spriter that are already done, and give them a player name in Game Maker and they will then be able to be selected with the press of a button! That's huge!

Tomorrow, I'm for real going to work on some more sound. Lots of stuff going through my brain!

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: ~8 hours