The Future

This is it; The beginning of my headlong charge towards a game development career. It's morning #1 of my intentional unemployment which means I currently have much more time to get things in order as well as apply for jobs and hand out resumes today and each day forward. It is frightening, but I will pull through victorious. Understandably, people gave their input of saying that I should have had another job lined up previous to leaving my job. I get the angle that their coming from and under most circumstances I would have tried to do that, but with the amount of time I put into Doombrowski LLC, my mind would not be able to handle the added stress of a job hunt on top of my previous job.

Yesterday was my birthday! It was quite a fine birthday if I do say so myself. I had my first piece of Doombrowski print posted in the Lakeland Ledger followed by an explosion of friends and family both showing their support and giving birthday wishes. The article took a slightly different angle than I expected, but I can't complain. It was a good experience. 

Expand Internationally? More like get people to buy his games at all! XD

I totally forgot that I had my Tech Mate name tag on. The interview was done on my lunch break and I was a bit strapped for time. :P

The big plan for this week is to talk to some people at Indienomicon about any possible employment opportunities. I am getting some items today to make my resume look very next level when presented to potential employers. Anything to boost exposure and increase my chances of not being a stumble bum in 2017.

I'm off to start what I'm guessing will be a very long and productive day.

Until next time.


Time Spent Since Last Post: None, actually.