Victory For All!

Today is beach day and catch Pokemon day, but I had to put in a little dev time to get something ready for #screenshotsaturday and to have a new blog post!

Here's a recap of what's been done since the last post:
Recorded and edited a new episode of Doom Ninja Podcast.
Created some new image elements for the female victory animation.
Finished the female victory animation.
Implemented victory and defeat for both characters into Suburban Scavengers.
Fixed a defeat animation bug that caused players to drop through the floor if the game ended while they were not in the move state.

Lots done in those few days!

Next, I'm going to work on sound effects! Oooooh. Hopefully it will make the game that much more awesome. I'm excited about the game feeling more complete.

It's going to be a nerve wracking week this coming week. Really hoping that I can find some work. I'm going to have to start sending out resumes every night from here on. Going to re set up that Patreon again soon. I have some people that are interested in helping fund Doombrowski! So awesome!

Until next time.


Time Spent Since Last Post: ~9.5 hours