Choose-day Comes After Monday...This Title is Dumb

New progress on Suburban Scavengers. The male player victory animation is finished and implemented into the game. I have created the failure animations for both the male and female characters and will hopefully be implementing them tomorrow morning. I think they look pretty decent.

The sorrow of defeat.

I am still on the fence about what to do for a female character victory animation. The whole "selfie" idea keeps coming to mind but no other fairly simple ideas are popping up in my brain. When I ask myself the question, "What would this lady do after successfully pushing this couch into her house?" nothing really comes to mind. She looks kind of bitchy, but I can't think of anything that would really clearly show that. 

Upon pondering the question right now, I may have something. I need to write this down. :P
This is actually going to be pretty involved, but I think it could be funny.

Tonight is podcast night. Going to test out the new vocal shield that I built out of some paint roller mesh strainer, cardboard, zip ties, a foam mattress topper, some duct tape and some industrial adhesive. Hoping it does the trick.

Yesterday I finished up my resume for game jobs. I got a little portfolio together and have a friend that's going to help keep an eye out for game jobs. He's currently seeking a game job as well. Very kind of him.

More to come later this week. Keep your eyes peeled.

Until next time.


Time spent since last post: ~5 hours