Bigger Post

I feel like I've done quite a bit since my last post. 

First off is that weird jump bug with player 2. This is a weird one. It ended up being an issue with player 1 using either "space" or "alt" to grab the couch. Using "control" I have no issues, and using an X-Box controller, there are no issues. Oh yeah, you heard right, I have the players mapped to X-box controllers. It feels and works infinitely better on a controller than a keyboard.

Sandra helped me do a quick playtest for a twitter video post. The post did pretty well; The best of any game related post I've made. 

There were still a few bugs and missing features in that video, but you can see that it's starting to come together.

Today, I implemented a smooth moving camera, notification arrows to show where a player is off screen, a fixed bounce state that allows a player to continuously bounce off of the couch without falling, and screen shake for the punches and elbow drops. It looks quite a bit cleaner. Most of the work that I'll be doing now is just polish. I plan on making the background elements come to life a bit, possibly changing the character sprites to have some more detail (Spriter allows this to be done easily), adding some tween frames to the animations, and including a start menu and victory dances.

I feel like this game could be pretty fun. I'm trying to figure out a way to expand it to make it feel like it would be worth paying money for. I was considering releasing an HTML version of it for free with just 1 level, then eventually releasing a bigger version with multiple levels and objectives, possibly some alternative gameplay modes. Just add "Super" to the name right?

Also, yesterday morning I decided to make a procedural fireworks generator since Independence Day was near. You can find it on for free. 

Indienomicon is approaching again. Thursday at 6:30 at the Melrose Center in Orlando. Find out more here. I will be there for sure. It's a great place to meet devs and network.

Time to go enjoy my 4th off of work.

Until next time.


Time Spent Since Last Post: ~7 hours