The clash state has been added and appears to be working fully as it should. This process also made it so I had to fix some animations that were a little buggy previously. There are still some little animation bugs that need work, but the bulk of them have been fixed. Wooo!

Either tonight or tomorrow, Sandra said that she wanted to record some play test footage with me. I'm sure that this will give me a whole new list of bugs to try to fix. 

Pretty soon, when the bulk of the bugs are gone, I'm going to throw together a quick menu and victory screen/animations. I may put it up on for free as a little pre-alpha demo or something. I would love to get some people excited about it early so I could possibly have a little bit of an audience by Orlando iX.

The larger scope idea here, is to do an overhaul on the art, add more characters, add an AI for solo play, add a bunch more environments to play in, and add either other game modes or variants of the current mode (ie. moving other items that do something other than bounce the player).

I think this game has potential. I just need to make it look better and feel more exciting.

Until next time.


Time Spent: 3 hours