The Week Past

Another week of game dev in the books. It always feels like I should have done more looking back. I don't feel that I wasted my time elsewhere though. It's just a very slow process when I'm working a full time job.

Let me try to remember what all I've done this week...

Kale played some buggy Suburban Scavengers with me. I ended up getting a list of 15-20 bugs/modifications/features that I worked on since then. I fixed most of them for sure. Some are very hard to replicate on my own, but I think they're fixed. 

I managed to somewhat normalize the jump height with some code that really seems like it shouldn't work as consistently as it does. I can now change a single number to modify the bounce height relative to the normal jump height. 

I got a decent response on the tweet for #screenshotsaturday with that one.

I increased the frames on some animations to make them smoother. The run cycle is now 20 frames, up from 10. Much smoother. I did the same previously on the push and pull animations. Spriter makes it so easy to up the frames. I like it.

Tomorrow, I plan on swapping the mega punch text with a hipster glasses icon. I was thinking about making it do a snap animation when the punch lands. I'll probably try to put a slight pull and bounce to the positioning to make it seem more organic as it floats over the player's head. It's small details like that that will make the game feel more polished. 

After I finish up on the glasses icon, I plan on working on a clash state. This will be a button mash battle that prompts when both players are trying to push or pull the couch opposite directions. I may have trouble getting this to initiate when both players are on the same side of the couch. Maybe not...Not sure.

There are lots of fine details that can be added to the clash state also. Maybe a quick camera zoom and some sort of tension meter. I feel like sound will really elevate the clash state. It will probably be a "first to x presses" type of battle.

Speaking of button mashing, I made a slight change that decreases the player's down time after being knocked out. You can mash to decrease the time by a small amount. At the rate now, you can cut off around .3 to .5 seconds if you mash fast enough. The normal knockdown time is 2 seconds.

That's the latest gameplay video. You can see a slight screen shake on the punch landing. Say goodbye to that ugly ass "Mega Punch" over the player's head. Tomorrow, it goes.

Now to calculate the time sine the last post. I really need to keep better track of this if I'm going to go a week between posts.

Until Next Time.


Time Spent Since Last Post: ~6 hours

Also, I am going to hunt for a podcast companion soon. I really want to get cracking on a podcast of some sort. I know I want to involve some of my development progress, and I'll probably involve my personal gaming. Perhaps some news will be added. I know it's boring and cookie cutter and unoriginal, but I feel like it may be a good way to get other people interested. Listening to dev podcasts definitely makes me more interested in the projects of the developers.

I'll have to think more of a topic or formula that can remain fresh, generating lots of new content regularly for a cast. hmm...