Presentation, Inspiration, Motivation

The presentation finally came and went, and it was about as I expected; Some fumbling over my words and technical issues and severe nervousness prior to the presentation. After the presentation was done and I had the game set up so people could play it, I felt much more at ease and I felt that things went much better. There was a kid with the last name Murdoc that played the hell out of Dess M-8 and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, he only had an iOS device so I couldn't give him a copy. :/ I also met a few other new people and made some connections. I feel that it was an overall success. 

Now, I have to find a way to make myself progress with more game related things. I feel like I'm not doing enough and it bums me out. 

I started an online art course....Wednesday? I think? Anyway, recently. I've done a few assignments on that. I'm hoping that switching gears from working on Trustfall's early mechanics and learning how to improve my art skills will help me motivate. The idea is that I can put some decent programmer art into the game as I work on it to make it look and feel more cohesive from an early state. I recently read an article that recommended working on new games in more complete chunks so that in case you need to stop for any reason, there will still be at least a mostly playable game there still. Art will be needed in order to follow this suggestion.

So, this week I'll be cracking on art and more art. Hopefully I'll get to a point where I can have some decent looking examples to post soon. Otherwise, this blog will probably be pretty boring for a little while.

I'm off to play some Hearthstone with my lady and watch some Game of Thrones. 

Until next time.


Game related time spent since last post: (Includes presentation) ~7 hours.