The Collision Division

It seems like I have worked out most of the bugs with what I have together so far. This doesn't account for movement to the far left and right yet, which will bring a whole other issue, but it seems like what is together is going to be at least tolerable to play. I still have yet to add a few elements and the second player, but I feel like it's possible to have a slice done by Thursday. I can't wait to be able to actually try to play this game! It seems like I've taken a long time just getting mechanics to work without even having a gameplay structure. There's no goal yet. Soon...

Tomorrow morning, I wake up early again to start on the elbow drop! This will require me to at least make a shell of a second player. Oh snap. 

Wednesday, Sandra has to get up super early to help her mom out. I'm thinking that I might get up at the same time and try to crush on some extra game dev before work. I really want to have a slice done. 

I'm feeling pretty good about what I have done today.

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: ~4.5 hours