I've been trying to put all of the animations and controls into my "One Game a Month" game. A pain in the ass to make work on a keyboard by the way. It's dumb that you can press two opposite directions at a time. Gives many headaches.

It's a little buggy with the animations, but I have the couch push, couch grab, couch pull, bounce, fall to ground, fall recovery, and stun animations in. I also have the state implemented which allows a fallen player to not collide with the couch so you can push the couch past them while they lay on the ground. What's left to do is create punch functionality, special punch state, hit by punch state, elbow drop functionality, and victory conditions. Then........I have to make all of these things work with the second player. That part should, emphasis on SHOULD, be easy.

I've been spending a bit of extra time lately because I really want to have a game slice done before the first of the month.

Here's a bug that made me chuckle.

Until next time.


Time Spent Since Last Post: 10 hours