The Puzzle

I'm slowly putting the pieces together for my game. I need to crunch if I'm going to have it done by the end of the month. That's my goal. At least one playable level by the end of the month. After that, I may decide to continue expanding on it, but the main goal is just one playable PvP level.

I think I have a good skeleton to work off of in Spriter now. I created a run and idle animation fairly quickly. I'm pretty happy with the run animation. I have yet to drop it into Game Maker yet. Tomorrow, I'll probably pull over the movement code from Trustfall and start putting animations on it.

 It will be faster but you get the idea.

It will be faster but you get the idea.

I figured out a work-around for the background scaling in Game Maker. Apparently, Game Maker doesn't like images larger than 2000px. I decided that I want the game to run at 1080p, and Game Maker was able to handle a single chunk of 1920x1080, so I split the background into 3 sections, made them into objects and just dropped them into the room at a higher depth. Ghetto background achieved. All I had to do after that is make a foreground layer for the houses on the ends so it looks like you can go into the doorways. This will probably cause depth issues while jumping until I figure out exactly where the separation line needs to be, but it works for now. I did a test by making the couch object move left to right and it looks pretty decent going into the houses on the end. 

It's coming together. Now I just have to do the fun part. Make stuff work.

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: 2 hours