Too much time for too little progress

Since my last post I finished up the background and level elements for my couch game. I tried to put the elements into Game Maker to make a simple gif for screenshot saturday, and was met with this stupid scaling issue where Game Maker would automatically scale my background image to 1/4 scale which made it look like shit. I ended up just making a smaller gif. When the game starts getting together, this will have to be fixed.

 The little gif for screen shot saturday

The little gif for screen shot saturday

That little jump in the gif too...damn it. I'll make better stuff in the future. :/

Today I worked on exporting the player elements and rigging a skeleton to them in Spriter. I'm finding that it's very easy to make a big mistake in that program. Having a bone that's too short or doesn't start in the right spot can make things look really stupid when movement starts. I had this issue with trying to link a bone to a part that was behind the player....I ended up hooking the left leg to the left arm somehow. I go to swing the left arm back for a running animation.....the leg just rips off. So dumb. And, from what I gather, there is no way to move the bone hierarchy after it is placed. Also, when you delete a bone, there's like a 80% chance that the part that was connected to it will wig out and rotate and move to some random location.

Needless to say, I'm still messing with a bone structure, trying to get something to use as a good base. Hoping that I can get some animations done tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and I started getting up 30 minutes earlier so I can get a little more work done. It doesn't really feel like I'm getting any more done at the moment. 

Until next time.


Time Spent Since Last Post: 5.5 hours