Computer Doodles

Since last week, I've slowly been making progress on some art elements for my #1gam game that I've decided to work on. It's going to be super small and super simple. I've created 2 players, a house, and a tree. I'm hoping that I can get a few more elements to make the scene look a little more alive and have something ready for a mock up screenshot by Saturday. 

Here's what I have so far.

Progress is pretty slow when it's only an hour a morning, but at least with art I can see a progress at all.

I'll probably go in and add texture to a bunch of stuff after I have a level layout that I'm happy with. Then, it's on to a bunch of animations which, hopefully, will be transferable from one character to another. This would mean that I could have a bunch of different characters to choose from if I wanted. If I decide to continue working on the game after the challenge period is up, I may do that.

After this game is done, I'll be back to the art course. I just had to jump on this while I had the inspiration to do it. This game SHOULD be pretty flippin' fun. I suppose time will tell.

Until next time.


Time spent since last post: 5-7 hours (I've been slacking on keeping track of time lately)