Indienomicon Hype!

Thursday ended up being pretty awesome. I programmed some AI for a bot in my new game and met with tons of developers at Indienomicon. I also spoke with a person who's getting things in order for a tech and game dev convention in October! It's super affordable and I've already registered. There's a chance that thousands of people may be able to see my games first hand in October! And I'll have sweet ass banners and promo materials made. I'm super psyched about it. I really hope I get accepted.

I was able to distribute a good chunk of game codes, which is pretty sweet. The Google Developer Console is always 2 days behind so I'm not sure how many people actually installed. I know at least 1, since it's showing up currently. I'm actually going today to bring the local indie game shop some codes to hand out. If you're in the area, The Arcade 80s will be where you can find some free codes as well as some kick ass retro swag and games.

There were a few games that look fairly promising at Indienomicon. Artisan: Going Home Again from Unseen Kingdom is a really well put together life sim type of game. They were recently greenlit on Steam which is awesome! I hope they do well in their endeavors. Also, Sun Sentinels is a 3D Egyptian themed tower defense game with some interesting mechanics that's on Steam Greenlight looking to get some more votes. If you have a Steam account, drop by and give them a vote. I'm sure they're greatly appreciate it.

I'm not really going to have any time to do anything today, and very little time to do anything game related tomorrow. Kind of a bummer. Lately, I've only been able to work in 1 hour chunks. At this rate, I'll have a crappy alpha test room done in....a month? Damn. Next weekend I have to work on Saturday as well. Maybe I'll just make it a super work day and do game work after paying work.
Time Spent Since Last Post: ~3 hours
Indienomicon transit + networking time: ~6 hours