Stormy Morning

Well, the plan was to work on some AI this morning, but it's storming and I don't want to risk my computer getting screwed up so I'm on the laptop. Unfortunately, the laptop does not have the Game Maker file that I was working on previously. I had to find something else productive game-wise to do. I decided to copy 80 keys to the flier layout that I have to get them ready to print.

About this printing nonsense. The plan is to make some fliers that are somewhat personal for myself and people close to me to help hand out. They will have free Google Play Store keys on them for Dess M-8. The idea is to offer them something that does have a physical cash value as opposed to making the game free and telling them where to get it. This should put a higher value on the game to the person receiving the code and make them more prone to installing the game. 

I wanted to get a good stack of them done before Indienomicon tomorrow since I figure people that are there may be a little more likely to play Dess M-8.

Anyway, back to the printing. I wanted to print these key fliers on a thicker card stock to make them seem more professional and less like a piece of garbage. I ask the people at Staples how much it would cost to get color prints made on their card stock. Over $2 each. That would mean that it could be costing me over 50 cents per copy to give away my game. Eff that. I went to the back of the store to find some paper so I can print them on my own somewhere. They have postcard sized cards that are pretty close to the size of my current layout. $26. Not happening. I hunt down the only white 100+lb card stock that they have. It's a pack of something like 200-250. Cost? $22. This may have to be printed on normal ass paper.

I decided to take a trip to Wal Mart late last night to take a shot in the dark at picking up a smaller pack of card stock and some Mother's Day cards. I find a pack of card stock misshelved. 150 sheets. This is already looking bad. :/ I find what appears to be the tag for it...$5.54. Whaaaat?! That's what I'm talking about. Now, instead of having to had paid a minimum of 28 cents per flier using the paper from Staples, I'm looking more at 7 cents each. 1/4 the price. I can deal with that. 7 cents per person is a fair price for advertisement if it has the impact that I'm hoping for.

I have 80 key cards ready to be printed today. Hopefully that gets turned into at least 1/4 that many installs. We'll see.

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: ~45 minutes

Oh yeah, I ended up finding a program to pull info out of keystore files. The system restore wasn't necessary and I have the new fully functional build of Dess M-8 up everywhere. That's what's up. 

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