Android Export and Game Maker

What a pain in the ass this has been. 

Apparently, some data got copied over in an alarm event that keeps levels from unlocking after beating the core game in Dess M-8. Alright, I can fix that. I recently did a reinstall on my computer. This is the source of my headache.

When exporting to android through Game Maker, lots of shit needs to be set up correctly. APKs need to be installed and up to date, your PROPER device drivers need to be installed (automatic drivers via windows update do not apply), and your "keystore" and information related to it needs to be duplicated. I finally get it to send a build to my phone, I try to upload to the Play store and this keystore bullshit comes up. I download Acronis, go into my backup, pull the keystore file and copy it to the current project. It says everything's alright. I try to create the application...the info I used to create the keystore is not the same. I have no fucking clue what information I used to create that thing. Now I have to restore my backup to another hard drive tomorrow and take a screenshot of that info to input it into the current project and make a new build. If that doesn't work, I'll have to copy my current save over to the newly restored drive and send out the builds from there until I decide to stop updating this game. It's just a big pile of annoying.

In other news, I traded in my bulky ass studio monitors for some smaller ones. They sound great. I'm very happy with the trade down. I don't feel like I really traded down as these little speakers far surpassed my expectations and only cost me $13 dollars when everything was said and done.

Hopefully, tomorrow work isn't too crazy so I can get that new APK made. I'm also going to get some of those fliers printed up so I can start handing them out. Only after I get that new APK done though. I don't want people thinking that the game ends at level 50. The best content is after level 50!

I need to sleep off this frustration.

Until next time.

Time Spent on This Hogwash: ~5 hours