More Movement Physics

Well....the player is moving in a physics world. I'm probably going to have to find a way to modify the movement code a bit since it technically doesn't use the built in gravity for falling yet. It has a collision check with the ground, or whatever the solid parent is, and moves to contact. This makes other physics objects not interact completely correctly. The player pushes them out of the way until it hits the solid parent. I'll have the figure the other collisions out later. Not much time left this morning. 

I managed to get a decent amount of work in yesterday. I was pretty happy with that. Of course, getting the movement working took entirely too long's good practice. *shrug*

I'm thinking of some other possible styles to make the game. I'm really liking the idea of it being a simulation environment. The character sprite I was thinking about doing in the style of Nidhogg only instead of a fill, using the outline of the characters with a color, a faint glow, and no fill. This could make the animations that I make in Spriter look much more fluid and realistic. I'm torn between a few tile styles. I have the basic full tileset made already, so making a few revisions to make it suit other ideas shouldn't be too time consuming.

Next, I think I'll work on new player sprites. I really want a neat little dude or dudette hopping around instead of this red rectangle that I have now. 

Until next time.


Time Spent Since Last Post: 3 hours