Getting Physical

Apparently, physics cannot easily be tacked onto this movement code that I currently have. I'll have to start from the ground up on some physics movement. It's not a problem since most of what is done really didn't require that much work, short of the bot timeline that I made. Tonight, I'll have to create movement code with a similar feel to the movement that I currently have but with physics to allow for rotational falling. Right now, when a fall is initiated, the bot just rotates in place like an asshole. Pssh.

I'm having trouble motivating lately. It feels like I'm getting nothing done and my stupid brain questions why I do it at all if I'm not achieving anything. I've been trying to convince myself to do myself a favor by putting more time into this game stuff. I have to try to think about future me as a separate person. I dunno. It's kind of silly.

To do list:
Get player movement working in physics environment.

....that's it for now.
That's the goal for tonight.

Oh yeah, I sent out my paperwork for creating an LLC. Soon, Doombrowski will be a legit company. I'll be an employee of myself and will have a business bank account to keep track of all of the business related purchases that I make (which is most of them). Kinda cool.

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: 1 hour