Post Game Tweaks and Twerks

I got a bug report of something that I'm unable to replicate. It's minor, so unless it becomes a real problem, I won't make any type of fix for it. I double checked my code, and what happened, really shouldn't be able to happen.

I created a new file for the PC version, and made changes to all references of tapping to clicking. I also started working on the high resolution ship sprites for the unlock and ship select menu. The pixelated ones that are up there now are about to drive me crazy.

Indienomicon was interesting yesterday. There were more people there than I expected. There were 2 and a half speakers there, and afterwards they set up their games and let people play them. I was only able to hand out 2 business cards due to lack of time after the speeches. The people that I did talk to though were nice, and I'll surely look for them on their respective social networks. I also will be returning to the next Indienomicon.

Only 5 minutes until I have to be at my paying job. 

Until next time.


Time spent today: < 1 hour