Mobile Game Progress #43? - Something Like That

Well, I think the game is ready for release. I fixed a couple other bugs that I ran into....or at least I think I have. They're very hard to replicate. I figured out a way to fix the Rando generator. I'm pretty sure the odds of getting an impossible "randomization" is 0% now. I managed to fit most of the code that was after the grid items were created to before, so there's not a bunch of blocks popping right as a level starts. There's no longer any solid blocks, but switches and rack blocks still remain, which require similar strategy to the solid blocks.

I added two more victory screens. Now, there is one for beating the first 50 levels, Getting max ranks on the first 50 levels, beating all 70 levels, and getting max ranks on all levels. I doubt people will see more than the first victory screen. I have a feeling that there won't be as many achievement hunters as the game is kind of tailored for. It makes me want to get top ranks, but I could see how somebody would be cool with just finishing the levels. For those people, the game will be very easy. I'll just use what I've learned in this game to work on the next.

Tomorrow is Indienomicon. It's a gathering of game developers in Orlando. There are supposed to be a couple of speakers there and they say that it's a good opportunity to get some testing input. I think that would be pretty sweet. Hopefully I can get and give some good input. I wish I didn't have to head that way straight from work. I'm actually leaving work an hour early to make it there somewhat close to when they start. I'm super excited about it. It'll give me a chance to distribute some of these business cards. :)

I'm thinking of adding a goal to the Patreon of making a weekly development roundup video/podcast. I think it could be good for getting some exposure to the youtube page.

Shit....I forgot to make a trailer. I really wanted to have that up before tomorrow. Maybe I'll work on....damn...I don't think I have time. :( Sad. Maybe I'll wake up extra early and try to crank it out. I really need to find the vocal effect that I'm going for. I think I'll end up spending too much time trying to find that.

Alright....I'm going to get my recording stuff ready for tomorrow morning. 

Until next time. 


Time Spent Today: ~1.5 hours