Takes Money to Make Money

I decided to make a low budget Google AdWords campaign on Friday. Who knows if it will bring anything in. It let me choose how much per day I wanted to spend ($50 being in the example) and how much I wanted to pay per install ($1.00 being in the example). Yeah....I don't have that kind of money. haha. I put my budget at $1.00 per day and $0.20 per install. Who knows if that's even realistic. Probably not. I'm kind of hoping that it will at least break even. It seems that with a premium app, you're basically not going to sell anything.

I looked into some other Android marketplaces. One in particular had both paid and free apps and the free apps all had a few downloads (50-500). The paid apps, however, had 0. Every single one of them had 0. Some were 99 cents, some were 5 dollars. Didn't matter. All had 0 installs. People are pretty stingy when it comes to spending that half bottle of Mt. Dew on a game that they'll probably use longer than the Mt. Dew.

I think this issue arose because of the market saturation and accessibility. Too many people are allowed to make games no matter their skill level, and crappy games are able to mesh directly with the good ones in the same marketplace and there's little to no consequence. And this ad driven BS. It's ridiculous. People will play a free game and complain about the ads but if you ask them to pay to remove the ads? Uninstall.

I remember buying Game Boy and Game Gear Games back in the day. It wasn't weird to spend money on a hand held game. There are still portable game systems out there selling games. Albeit the quality compared to the average mobile game is much much different. The price can reflect quality, and should.

It's just a bit frustrating at times. We're decaying into this ad driven e-commerce world where people want everything for free. The american dream is to do nothing, pay nothing, win the lottery, and consume everything.

I'm ranting a bit. And I'm not salty that my game isn't selling very many copies. I'm flipping ecstatic when I see a person playing my game at all. I had a friend post a picture of his high score on my facebook. I didn't even know he bought the game. It's a good feeling.

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: 1 hour
Time spent the last few days? ~ 4 hours?

Oh yeah, I made a promotional flier to hand out this month. Free game codes!

That's a real active code btw. First come first serve. Good for the month of May. ;)