New Beginning

I just wrote this baller ass blog post about this new game that I starter working on tonight but it got erased by a poorly placed prompt on my little website creator thing. So, I'm going to try to remember what I just typed.

Today I announced on Twitter that I was going to start on a new game. After messing around with Heartbeast's movement engine very briefly, I decided that it wasn't really gellin' and moved on to something else. I took a look at my idea paper and picked an idea to start doing something with.

I made a sprite of a man with his arms folded across his chest, standing straight up from a 2/3 side view. He's meant to be a character in a trustfall game. I plan on making it a little multi-player mini game type of deal like Nidhogg where 1 player is trustfalling and the other player needs to catch them before they slam into the ground or other object(s). I have more ideas to make it more involved than just that, but I don't want to give too much away before having something at least somewhat functional.

I made a simple little animation of the dude falling in Spriter. It can be seen below.

 That little bounce. XD

That little bounce. XD

I plan on making better sprites/animation in the future, but prototyping is about using throw away fast art until you get something good together. So this is how it'll be for a while.

I look forward to getting a good design document together, thinking about how to implement my gameplay mechanics, and having a multi-player game that I can play with my friends! It should be sweet. Soon, people will be trustfalling in ridiculous places, and their friends will be scrambling to save them.

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: ~2 hours