A New Game is on the Slate This Weekend

There's a game jam called Ludum Dare that's going on this weekend that I have decided to take part in. You have 72 hours (48 if you're hardcore) to make a functional game. The game is then voted on by the community in multiple areas. Coolness, Mood, Audio, Innovation, Theme, Fun, Humor, and Graphics. Getting into the top 100 is a good chance for some decent exposure. I'm really hoping that I can do it. Just finishing a game, I think, will be reward enough, but getting a decent placement would be spectacular.

I've taken Monday off of work to make sure that I'll have time to finish up and sleep if need be. I have a feeling that I won't be getting much sleep while this is going on.

In other news, I've been listening to a bunch more game related podcasts lately. Listening to Coffee with Butterscotch when I walk every day just makes me want to play Crashlands. I tried out Quadropus Rampage and Towelfight 2, but the movement on a touchscreen is too clunky for me to enjoy them. That's part of the reason I decided to just do a fairly slow up and down controls only for Dess M-8; to make it simple and responsive. You know what you're going to get with Dess M-8. With Quadropus Rampage, I just kept falling off of the edges because I couldn't control my dude well enough. I think, if it weren't for that, I would have enjoyed the game. Towelfight, on the other hand, performed very poorly on my phone. Very laggy.

I have some kind of weird ideas for promotion of Dess M-8. I don't want to spoil anything on here yet, but if I can make some of these ideas a reality, you may hear about it from another source. That's the idea, at least. I also plan on putting Dess M-8 on sale after the Ludum Dare. It may even be free in some places, just to get people playing it.

I submitted Dess M-8 to the yo yo games showcase. I figured that maybe they would want an Android game on there since they were just pushing the Fire module not long ago. That would be some great exposure.

I must be going now. My paying job needs me. :/

Until Next Time.


Time Spent Promoting etc.: ~4 hours? I really don't know. It's been spotty these last few days.