Teeny Tiny Little Bugs

Dess M-8 has been published to the Amazon App Store. :) This brings the total to 4 different places that Dess M-8 can be found for purchase. Now, I think the advertising really needs to get cranking. I was thinking about paying for some Google advertisement just to see what kind of response I could get. Just like 10 or 20 bucks. If it sells 10 or 20 copies, it would at least get my money back and would totally be worth it.

Level 30 is a pain in the ass I guess? haha. I've had 2 different people tell me that level 30 was very difficult to get a max rating on. My current best time for it is 20.97. The previous best time for that save was only 20.10 though, so it must be a little tougher. I'm looking forward to the response to the H and C levels. I have a feeling people are going to think that some of them impossible.

I found another little super rare bug yesterday night. I've created a fix for it and plan on uploading it to the necessary sites soon. It's an issue in the Rando Rush mode. If a blue block spawns at an upper diagonal from a rack block, which there's only the chance of having 1 rack block on the level, then a gravity block falls on top of the rack block and is destroyed at the bottom of its fall, there's a chance that the blue block will think that it's supposed to make a binding animation at the bottom of that gravity block fall. The animation has a chance to be slightly off from the grid structure and can be placed over the rack block which then becomes indestructible due to the way the blue block checks to see when it should be destroyed. So, I had to make a special destruction check for the blue block that makes it destroy itself if there are no destructible blocks on its sides. I've probably played this build of of Rando Rush 200 times before coming across that bug.

It's almost time for the less fulfilling job so I must go.

Oh, I guess that this is kind of important. My Patreon is currently live. 

Patrons are very much welcomed and appreciated. Feel free to leave input on what you may want to see me bring to the Patrons, and I'll do my best to make it happen. :)

Also, a link to the Amazon App Store.

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: ~1 hour