Dess M-8 is Everywhere!

Today was an exciting day. It started when I received a tweet about my game from a seemingly random stranger who was responding to my response to a @gamedevslikeyou tweet.

If I read that correctly, this person has played Dess M-8, which means that they had to have purchased it from either my website store,, or from the Google Play Store. I wasn't even sure if it had been accepted to the Play store yet at this point. I quickly made my way to the computer to look at the multiple places that I have the game posted for sale. The Google Play page was up, and it looked good. :) I shed a couple tears of excitement. I know it's only $2, but it might as well have been 2 million. It was just awesome hearing some positive feedback about the game that I've been working on for the last 3 months. 

I got a few sales from friends today. I appreciate the support, but feel guilty taking their money since I've literally already given them the latest build to the game for free. Sandra donated $30 more than I was charging on! That trickster! I'm going to use that money to take her to see the new Huntsman movie when it comes out.

I got some feedback from what seemed to be somebody else that posts apps online on a share from a friend on facebook. He made some recommendations, some of which I've already done. The game has now been submitted to the Amazon App Store. :)

So, for those interested, these are the current locations that Dess M-8 can be purchased:

Google Play Store
Get it on Google Play
Available on

Tomorrow, I should have an Amazon app store link to add to that list.

So much going on right now! And to add to it, Ludum Dare starts this Friday! I hope it's a theme that I can make something decent out of. I'm going to be so tired this weekend. XD

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: ~2.5 hours