Tester Copies and Surveys

Today I did some minor work on setting up a store page, sent out a few test copies of the current Android build of Dess M-8, and created a survey for the testers to help point me in the right direction. I'm thinking that I'll have to get lots more people to test before I can put the sale page live with a build of the game that's reliable enough.

Next Thursday, I plan on stopping by Indienomicon. Hopefully I'll be able to get a good amount of tester input there. Watch everybody have iOS devices. If it weren't so damned expensive to publish to iOS, I would do it. 

Does anybody have $300 and an iOS device that they would like to donate to Doombrowski to allow an iOS release of Dess M-8? I would gladly make it if the module and a testing device was available. That goes for OSX as well. The Module is $100 for OSX, and I recently purchased an iMac to test builds in the future. It's definitely an option that I plan on following up on.

All this money talk makes me want to get cracking on that Patreon page. Maybe a few people would want to help get this game on other devices and platforms.

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: ~2 hours