Mobile Game Progress #42 - Mom Played Dess M-8

Since I had a build complete with all levels, unlockables, etc., I gave a build to my mom for her to play on her phone. I watched her play through the first 13 levels. She was a great example of a non-gamer and gave me some good tips for changes that needed to be made to the tutorial and upgrade system to make them more present and stick with the player a bit more.

I changed the tutorial to force the player to move their ship twice before being able to continue the tutorial. Mom kind of skipped over the movement part and got stuck on a level that had solid blocks directly in front of her ship. I also changed the first level to pop up a tooltip that highlights the credit box and tells the player that clicking on the glowing box will take you to the gun upgrades menu. This is the only clickable item in the room after beating the first level for the first time. Just have to funnel them in.

I also gave a slight buff to the shotgun. It seemed to fall short on the Rando Rush levels, and after giving it a little boost, it seems to be a little more competitive. 

I will definitely be retooling the random generator system. The bugs and poor solid block placement that I'm running into are showing up a little too much and it's annoying. The current system only has a few variables that cover the complete array of blocks available then uses scripts within the blocks after they're built to change the room layout. I'm going to create a ds_grid with the full room layout previous to room creation, thus avoiding overlap and bugged effects like healing bubbles and binding animations being on seemingly random blocks. I'll just have to make a few new scripts to account for the new changes necessary in making a playable and balanced room. I'll probably make a big post on the final product of the random generator.

You can see one of these bugs in this video. The heal block in the upper right hand corner on the third wave creates an explosion animation because it's on top of a bomb. This isn't supposed to be able to happen. Nothing should overlap.

So that's on the docket in the near future.

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Until next time.


Time Spent Today: ~2 hours