Mobile Game Progress # 35 - Randomly Annoyed

I was hopeful for a day to finish lots of content. I ended up messing with the rando rush generator and balancing pretty much all day instead. Dumb. I was really hoping that I could have gotten the challenge and hard levels drawn up today. They'll have to wait for the weekday mornings to get done.

I'm pretty much spent for the day. It's hard to tell if I'm getting too good at the game, or if my code just isn't increasing difficulty like it should. I've been staring at it for too long. 

Gun balancing ended up being stupid due to the Sly 51R gun. It is a gun that requires levels to be designed specifically for it. I have to knock the difficulty way down in rando rush for the Sly 51R to have a chance. If I crank up the stats, I'll have to recreate the levels that are specifically made for the current stat weights. 

It's time to put in a movie, dread the time change and that I have to go to my machine job tomorrow, and eventually sleep.

This post seems kind of depressing...I don't really feel that bad. I'm learning how to have patience when it comes to this game stuff. Everything takes much longer than you originally think it will.

Until next time.


Time Spent Today: ~9 hours + ~1 hour

Spent the morning hour working on hard mode levels. Heavily strategy based is the theme. I was only able to finish 4 of them, and it's possible that they're not able to be beaten in under 10 seconds, but the idea is there. I'm looking forward to getting them all done so I can play them on my phone. 16 to go!