Worked on a Game? What?

Well, I suppose my drive isn't totally gone. I decided to do a little work on Suburban Scavengers to make the transition from single player to 2 player smoother. Now, instead of the room restarting which forces you to stay with the same character that was already selected, you will be brought back to the character select screen. 

Other little fixes that I did were:
Fix p2 background on the GUI icon. Was showing 1 pixel on the left of the border.
Removed character icons on out of bounds arrows.

That's basically it.

I did some work on a piece of art for Suburban Scavengers buttons which may be given out at Indienomicon on January 5th. Speaking of that, I need to get a 10 minute presentation together. I want it to be better than the last.

Also, Otronicon is fast approaching. January 14th and 15th at the Orlando Science Center. I'll be there with my crew letting people play Suburban Scavengers. It should be fun.

That's it for now. Keeping it short since lots of work related stuff has been going through my mind. I'm having to revive a dying gaming shop and it's a lot of work.

Until next time.