Nothing Happened

This week, I decided to take a break from game related stuff. It's possible that I may do this for another week or so. My reasoning is that there are many things changing in my life currently, and it's difficult to keep it all together. I just started another new job this past week, leaving the previous job of electrician helper. That electrician job sucked. My new job is something of a card game store manager. Even though I have lots to learn about new games and where everything is even located in this store, I enjoy the job more than any other job that I've had (not counting game developer which I don't really count since I don't make substantial money from it).

The electrician job had me getting up at 5-6am and getting home around 4-5pm. It was also very physically demanding. It left me with only the weekends to work on game development. I have this rule that I must have some open free time at some point each week. I don't want to burn myself out by working every waking hour, be it at a job or on game stuff.

My new job has a strange schedule and I'm not yet sure that this will be a recurring schedule. I go in between 12 and 2 in the afternoon and work until 10pm. This doesn't give me much free time after I get home, but it does give me free time in the morning if I wake up early enough. After I get into the groove of the new job, I plan on doing game dev work for a couple hours each weekday morning and having the weekends to myself. Tuesday mornings will be designated for podcast edits.

My new game development goal, since Suburban Scavengers isn't gaining traction with the little bit of advertising that I'm doing, is something of a very small single player experience. I was thinking about doing a game jam weekend. It's still a little in the air though.

January 5th, I will be doing a presentation on Suburban Scavengers at Indienomicon in Orlando. It starts around 6:30-7:00 at the Melrose Center. Indienomicon takes place up the stairs and to the right from the main entrance.

January 14th and 15th is Otronicon at the Orlando Science Center. Come on out and play some games. There should be a bunch there.

I'm thinking that these 2 game showcase times may help boost morale. I suppose we will see!

Though I didn't work on game stuff, I did make a video for a streamer that I enjoy named Jeff Leach. He made a video with some song-like dialogue in it so I made it into a song. I'm sure it wasn't the type of song that he would have made made me feel kind of productive. *shrug* You can check out both the video that he made and the song that I made for him below.

Jeff's Video.

My remix video.

I'm not giving up on game dev, I'm just stepping back and taking a breather. I'll be jumping back in full force pretty soon.

Until next time.