Groovin' with Bugs

It's been a while since I got any actual work done on Suburban Scavengers. Today was the day that I got my groove back! I knocked out a short list of bugs and changed a few other things.

The bugs that have been fixed are as follows:

Fixed menu item overlap.
Fixed menu highlight bar vanishing indefinitely.
Fixed AI getting stuck bouncing over player if player is within couch bounding box.
Fixed AI blocking for no reason if recovering next to player 1.
Fixed AI occasionally pushing the couch the wrong way under very specific conditions.
Fixed sprite bug when mashing X and A while recovering next to the couch.
Fixed sprite bug when doing short jumps next to the couch.
X Didn't fix... :( Pause screen scaling and unwanted pause item duplication.
Fixed couch grab sprite bug when framerate drops.
Fixed block occasionally not working.
Added new visualization for 100% perfect clash.
Changed some AI probability checks to make the AI easier.

A special thanks to Colton Daniels for helping find some of these bugs. I'll be shooting you another build to hunt down more bugs in soon. I know that more remain, I just haven't started working on them yet. :P

Those of you who have been frequenting my website have probably noticed the style change of the site. This was to enable a few extra features that the previous template did not have available. I'm still working on a way to make the sidebar show entries sorted by months and years. Please bear with me as I work some of the kinks out.

This weekend I plan on putting some more time into Suburban Scavengers. I will probably add a new interactable. Oh snap! I'm thinking that the bookshelf should be next in line. That one seems to be one of the more complex objects to create interaction with.

A reminder that Suburban Scavengers is on Steam Greenlight. With enough "yes" votes, I could have Suburban Scavengers on the Steam Store! that would be spectacular. Please give it a vote by clicking the image below. 


Also, Suburban Scavengers is now available for free download on! I guess I should have probably started with that news. :P Anyway, if you want to play and have a controller that you can plug into your computer, you can now enjoy the fruits of pushing a garbage couch into your house!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time.