Next on the Menu

The release date of Suburban Scavengers is drawing nearer. Eleven days separate me from the day that people will be able to play my game without me being around. It's kind of like sending a kid off to the first day of school. It's kind of freaky.

I have taken a break from the A.I., which still needs work, to work on a menu system. Instead of just pressing X to start a 2 player game, I have added options for playing single player, am working on a tutorial system, and have a character select for single player. I also plan on making a very basic Options menu to contain a Windowed or Fullscreen checkbox and possibly other features that people ask for. I was thinking maybe button mapping? I'm not sure yet.

My main focus today will be getting the menu to not freak out if I press buttons too rapidly and to make the tutorial show a visual representation of each mechanic. I have an idea in mind that will show looping timelines that should be fairly simple to implement. I'm finding that transitions are being the biggest pain in the butt due to requiring lots of extra variables. I'm sure that I could have created a much easier state system, but my brain doesn't always do the best job of understanding certain things when they get complex. I just have to make it work. ;)

I'm off to go put in an application for a paying job this morning. Supposedly all I'll have to do is go through the formalities and the job should be mine. Hopefully, having some structure to my days will help make straightening out what I should be doing a little easier.

Until next time.


A very special thanks to my Patreon backers: Patty, Kale, Colton, Corey, & Sandra. Your continued support is amazing. The fact that you believe in me helps me believe in myself.