Rest and Relaxation

This week I've been on vacation, visiting with family. I've had a good time, but have been missing game work. I did get to play Dess M-8 and Suburban Scavengers with my cousin which was pretty fun. Today was the only day that I really got to do any game work. 

I decided, since it wasn't going to take a whole lot of time, to get the groundwork set for the player 2 sounds. Now, all I have to do is import the female sounds and they will trigger at the appropriate places. 

Every little bit of progress I make helps lift a little bit of pre-Orlando iX stress. Now, all I really NEED to do is swap out the female character sprites, plug in some music, revamp the tutorial video, and play test some more to make sure it's not too buggy. That should be doable in the next week.

I almost forgot that I need to do a mock booth setup for Orlando iX as well sometime before leaving. Since I have a banner, I want to make sure that it will set up within the allotted space with the lighting truss that I have. I'll also have to print up some fliers for Doom Ninja Podcast.

I'm still on vacation, so I'm going to keep this brief. 

Until next time.


Time Spent: 1 hour