Intel and Horizons

This is going to be a quick post but I felt that I should post something since I have still been doing work these last few days. 

I've been continuing A.I. work on Suburban Scavengers. I did a bit of research on fighting game AI yesterday, which kind of led me in a circle. I tried creating a state machine and failed so I've reverted the the second A.I. that I started on, using bits of state machine where applicable. It actually turned out to make some things much easier and work more reliably. I would say that the current A.I. is actually pretty close to functional minus a few little bugs.

With this A.I., I've ended up finding another movement glitch that needs to be cleaned up. It's not game breaking, but it is annoying when it happens. Players basically get stuck in the couch from time to time until the couch moves or they get knocked down. This can give a bit of an unfair advantage to the opponent so I'll have to get it cleared up soon.

Some of the A.I. mechanics that I added recently are:

  • A.I. can now clash and does so fairly.
  • A.I. now punches player when within range.
  • A.I. jumps to avoid slides.
  • A.I. will sometimes slide into the player instead of grabbing the couch when they are on opposing sides.
  • A.I. now dodges elbow drops.
  • A.I. will now elbow drop if bouncing off of the couch.
  • .I. blocks when getting up near the player and counter attacks.

There are still some little quirks that I should be able to fix with some extra state based work added. I hope the have the A.I. playable and outside testing started on it later this week.

In other news, my fingers are crossed for a possible job in the near future. It wouldn't be anything that pays super well, but it would allow lots of time to work on my game. Also, it's at a tabletop and card game shop! I'm really hoping I get the job. I handed the owner a resume personally and talked to him for a while. The other guy that works there vouched for me so here's hoping. :)

I'm off to get some newsletter stuff together and enjoy the remainder of my night.

Until next time.