Squash Those Little Baby Bugs

Yesterday, I jumped back on some Suburban Scavengers bug fixes before I left to go draft some Magic:The Gathering Pauper Cube. I got to the finals in the draft by the way. Mono red.

Anyway....bugs. Today, I'm going to give an inside view on how I approach bug fixes; how I list them all out before I start tackling them one by one. These are hand written lists, but I will replicate them here. Hand writing seems to make the bugs stick in my head better since it takes more time to write than type.

The bugs that I ended up fixing, or at least seem to be fixed + QoL Improvements are as follows:

  • Fixed player 2 grab/pull CRASH.
  • Fixed clash arrows missing object CRASH.
  • Players can no longer start a slide from the air.
  • Players can no longer press and release jump to shorten couch bounces.
  • Players can now slide with their back to the end wall without getting stuck.
  • Players now should not be able to get stuck in the ground or walls anymore.
  • You can slide from a standstill now.
  • Players no longer get drug by the couch when blocking and holding forward.
  • Hit box expanded for pushing/pulling players and now is active during grab, push, and pull animations.
  • Particle emitters removed from slide bar.
  • "Perfect" will now display and play a sound when winning a clash within 4 pixels of the arrow centers.
  • Added a short leeway window for accidental X presses at the beginning of a clash.

Extra fixes I plan on doing in the near future:

  • Shorten clash down time after the first clash of the game.
  • Test - Make slide available immediately at the beginning of a match.
  • Fix broken victory animations that sometimes happen if a player is downed at victory animations start.
  • Fix fall animation occasionally showing after a clash.
  • Fix clash knock back only happening part of the time.
  • Add a night cycle to the level.
  • Increase down times during the night cycle.
  • Add player taunts.
  • Fix sprite issue that displays the incorrect elbow drop image for a single frame in the smear effect.

Extremely rare bugs that I have no idea how to replicate yet:

  • Players switch sprites for a split second.
  • Players get stuck on a single frame of the run animation.
  • Players get stuck in the couch and slide across.

    This is just a portion of the things that I plan on doing in the near future. I keep my lists short enough to accomplish within a sitting or two. If I put everything that I wanted to do on a list, it would seem like I was getting nowhere. It is still useful to write things down so you don't forget them which brings me to some other sweet news.

    I have done some brainstorming with Kale and have come up with the tentative character list for Suburban Scavengers as well as a Interactables list and a Backgrounds list. I don't want to give too much away because heightening expectations leads to disappointment. We don't want that. Though, I will say, some of the ideas, if executed correctly, could lead to some of the most insane gameplay that you've ever seen in a fighting game. As if bouncing and elbow dropping off of a couch wasn't crazy enough. The items to replace the couch will have vastly varying playstyles. It's exciting! I just want to work on them right now! I know I need to finish the demo version first though.

    Speaking of the demo version, the current release date set for the Suburban Scavengers demo is November 22nd, 2016. After the demo releases, I will be taking feedback regarding bugs and feature additions and whatnot. AI and button mapping, for example; I plan on having that eventually. The first demo may not have it. 

    Well, it's probably time for me to start working on these bugs. Thanks for reading!

    Until next time.