Impending First Convention

Yesterday, I spent the day drawing the female character portrait, making new female player artwork, and putting in the new female animations. Overall, it took me about 9 hours. This could be a decent estimate of how long it would take to create future characters. Hopefully, iteration could bring this time down a bit.

I also changed the title screen to only tell the player to press X to start. I don't want fake options confusing people.

Only a few short days stand between me and Orlando iX. It's a bit daunting. Currently, Suburban Scavengers is playable as a PvP fighting game. There are still a few things that I would like to do before bringing it to the masses.
The tutorial needs to be updated, which I will be working on today.
Music also needs to be added. I will insert placeholder music until I get something that I like.
The female fighting sounds need to be swapped.
I am seriously considering trying to add a rudimentary AI system. With all of the movement groundwork in place, I feel like I can do this fairly quickly.....hopefully.

I will also need to create some advertisement media (fliers). That shouldn't take too long.

My brain is a bit scattered. It may be because the game is so close to being a somewhat cohesive playable loop. It's still very small and incomplete, but there's almost enough there to start calling it a game.

I have to get cracking on the above list. More updates in the very near future.

Until next time.


Time Spent Yesterday: 9.5 hours