The Steps to Seek Funding

This week I've been looking into creating a crowd funding campaign for Salt Assault. The current plan is to launch it at the beginning of next year after all of the holiday spending is over with. There's going to have to be lots of advertisement done before the launch of the campaign. That's the part that I fail pretty miserably at. Gotta keep trying though.

I need to make a video that captures the essence of the game and makes it look as fun as it is. I would also like to make a video that show the alternate use for the game cards outside of playing the game.

On top of the video, I need to make a splash page for the game that follows the same art scheme as the box are that I plan on using. I'm sure there's a way that I can link it to this Squarespace page, but I don't know exactly how to do it so it has a different overall style than the rest of these pages.

I want to offer a print and play version of the game, but I'm not sure if I should offer it outside of the crowd funding campaign. If you're reading this and have some input, please share.

I have started an instagram page. Apparently that's the latest trendy thing to have. I'll be posting development pictures as well as card combinations.

This game is tricky when it comes to marketing due to the adult language heavily used throughout the game. There are probably 40 cards with the words fuck, shit, ass, and bitch on them. I want people to know that the game is as brutal as it is, but I don't want the wrong demographic (is. children) to be the ones dominantly supporting the game. It would be a bad look.

If you're interested in keeping up with the Instagram, there's a link at the bottom of the page. 

Until next time.


Low Work High Play

This week, the only thing game related that I did was print out the new card backs for Salt Assault and put them in the current card sleeves. I'm probably going to reprint the fronts as well with the new information layout, but it's not really necessary for play purposes. I did print tests to get the colors straightened out already.

I'm going to aim for early January to run a crowd funding campaign. The holiday season is going to be a bad time to ask for money.

I've been spending most of my free time messing around with Yu-Gi-Oh cards and deck ideas. It's been interesting.

I know there's not really anything substantial here this post, but I figured I should post something to keep people in the know.

Until next time.


Rules and Colors

chosen card back.jpg

I feel bad for missing a week on here. I had too much fun on Monday and totally forgot to update everything.

I've been cracking on Salt Assault pretty hard lately. The card content is nailed down, the box art is pretty much nailed down, the card back is nailed down, the print colors are nailed down, and I just finished up the rules sheet final layout. I say final, but after a few groups read it and try to learn to play using it, I'm sure I'll have to make a few changes. I think the layout is pretty nice though.

I contacted a local print shop to make some demo copies of the game. They're going to run me about $42 each, and I have to get a minimum of 5. If I get 10, they're closer to $32 each. I'm hoping that I can send some art out and have some demo copies started printing this weekend. It's supposedly going to take 2-3 weeks to get everything finished. I'm probably going to use the money that I've been saving from selling my Magic cards to pay for the prints.

Paper Box Mockup

Paper Box Mockup

It's super late right now. I just spent a few hours working on the new rules and time got away from me. 

I'll update with more news in the near future. 

Until next time.


What's in a Name? What's in the Box?

This week, more work on Pass the Salt had been done.

First, it was brought to my attention that there is a religious game that already has the name "Pass the Salt." Bummer. After some asking around, I landed on the new name for the game, "Salt Assault." It was actually the second name that I came up with but seems to be the most well liked. It makes sense also.

After deciding on the name, I worked on some box art. After 3 revisions, I ended on my second attempt version.


It's funny that, while I'm working on these art related things, I'm alright with crappy designs for a while, but something pushes me to continue trying new ideas. 

It was pretty fun replicating the box from Star Realms as far as dimensions and edges to cut. The paper model came out surprisingly well. I wish I would have used the thicker paper that I had though. I suppose I can print another. 

This week, I'm going to finish up the Punctuation card text. I will also change the card fronts just a little bit and brainstorm ideas on a new card back. I have a 50+ hour work week ahead of me. Hopefully I can manage to get game work done. 

The rules and deck balance all seems to be good now. It's all finishing up art and learning what to do about financing and marketing. I don't like marketing. :/

Until next time.


The Saltiness Continues

This week I've had the chance to play test Pass to Salt a few times. Each play test had more revisions to the cards and rules. Each time I say that I feel like it's getting close. That means it must be super close now that it's at version 0.5.

I've done some brief research on manufacturers for the game and have gotten a couple estimates from places that do different parts of the production process. Unfortunately, I haven't yet been able to get an estimate from somebody who can do everything that I need done. My current estimate for the items from other places at the absolute cheapest I can find would be very close to $4000 for 1000 units or 100 displays of 10. With this I would have to hand seal each game box and display case with those clear round stickers. (it's much cheaper than having them shrink-wrapped)

I suppose if I create a Kickstarter, that should be the number that I go for. I feel like 1000 units is a good place to start. I will likely try to self-distribute and see what comes of it. If that doesn't work out well, I will try to get PHD to hook up some distribution. They're close enough to be able to drive there and drop off cases of the game if I need to, which should save on shipping costs.

I still need to work a bit on the final card back art, card box art, and outer display art. That's what's currently on my white board. I have the basic dimensions already figured out for these things. I'm sure that it wouldn't take much for a printer/manufacturer to fix anything that might need slight modification after I have the art done.

That's basically what I've been up to; working on this card game. I really want to make a legit version of it and try to sell some copies. It would be quite nice to make a few bucks from something that I've created. 

Until next time.