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Doombrowski is a Game Development company currently consisting of myself, Ryan Dombrowski, as the sole member. I have many years of experience in physical and digital arts including drawing, painting, animating, vector art, pixel art, typesetting, advertising media, logo design, video effects and editing, and music writing, performing, and producing. I also do programming using GML, level design, GUI design, and optimize player experience through elegant teaching mechanisms and well thought out object placement and use. 

I keep track of all of my business progress in my dev blog, which can be found at the top of the page. You can also find progress updates through my monthly newsletter.

My latest games, Suburban Scavengers and Response, are now available on PC here at itch.io.

I'm currently working on an alternate high-tech 90s robot dominated Smash TV style procedurally generated rogue-lite called Loop of the Lost.

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